What distinguishes a good company from a great one?

What is our unique contribution to the world?


What impact do you seek to make?

Businesses that discover their purpose, discover their place in the world. Our purpose is what drives us to make a positive impact in our world.

Our why?

Our purpose is to bring innovations that will inspire people to embrace the journey to a sustainable future.

Why is purpose important?

We see our journey as an opportunity to tell the world why we exist. It’s a reflection of our culture. By aligning ourselves around purpose today, we will be better positioned for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

Our how?

Inspirations driven by a culture of learning and teaching which produces a highly engaged workforce who live our company's values every day and bring our purpose to life.

We are made up of members from various economic, cultural, and social backgrounds. We have, in common, the sincere desire to serve our customers and the communities we serve. We are a family of professionals, dedicated to excellence and living the Unada core values and purpose.

We have all committed ourselves to use our training, knowledge, and experience to under promise and over deliver our professional services to our customers and always do the right thing. It takes balance, teamwork, and collaboration to create great things. Here at Unada, we strive for all three.

Pride in our company and our positive commitment to quality and to each other has modeled who we are today. Through our constant assessment and openness to change, we’ll be sustained for the future.

Our What?

We are a trusted partner, working alongside our customers to deliver unique, high-value, easy-to-use, sustainable technologies that enable them to bring ideas to light.

Circle of competence

Our team members make it possible for Unada to achieve its goals. We position our team members to lead, to thrive and to be there for their communities.

Our purpose helps us do that.

A better tomorrow.

Our people and technologies play a vital role in making the world a better place. Our goal is not only to make our methods more efficient and our products more valuable, but to truly make a difference in the world by transforming the way it preserves its food and manages its living spaces.

How do we make the world a better place?

Our partners are facing similar challenges: How do we meet the newest standards for safety or emissions? How do we reduce power usage? How do we improve efficiency, move faster, and optimize resources?

We understand our role in creating a better tomorrow for everyone.

We believe that real change begins with a commitment to positively impact the lives of our team members and the communities we call home.

Our values

The heart & soul of Unada

We live, breathe, and play by our values. Everyday.

Our company values support our vision, shape our culture, and guide us as we apply our own philosophies and judgments to our work and life.

We believe that open, honest communication is the strongest foundation for building business relationships. We serve everyone with honesty, fairness, and integrity.

We consider ourselves to be a family of like-minded craftspeople. A fun, friendly work environment instills a common purpose and a desire to deliver a cohesive customer experience.

We believe in supporting each other and fostering a respectful and accepting atmosphere for all employees. All Unada members are human beings first and we cherish the differences and diversity that each person brings to the organization.

We design and develop creative technological solutions that enables our partners to bring their ideas to light, embrace new possibilities, take advantage of market opportunities, and drive change.

Our experts bring diverse perspectives, unique skill sets, and respect for each other’s contributions. Our team approach expedites process and engineering improvements that lead to greater customer solutions.

We realize creating and protecting economic value for our members and stakeholders is a tremendous responsibility. We take seriously the fact that many families are dependent upon the actions we take. We recognize and accept this responsibility.