If you’re like many engineers, your work never ends. Not only are you managing a handful of products in various stages of design and development, one or two new “top priority” projects loom. You need help. But who can you depend on to fully understand your commitment to engineering and manufacturing excellence? Someone who knows the importance of combining old-fashioned ingenuity with the productivity-enhancing tools of technology?

Welcome to the world of Unada.

Founded on the principles of process integration and the power of advanced electronics, we take quality, reliability and flexibility as seriously as you do. Our team of experienced engineers and technical expertise are, first and foremost, problem solvers. You can trust Unada to lead your product development and management initiatives with the care they deserve. With our philosophy of collaborative design and a suite of services that support your manufacturing and distribution efforts, we are an indispensable partner throughout the design, DFM and testing phases of your product development cycle.

As your partner, Unada is fully invested in your success, committed to helping you design and implement elegantly designed, precision-engineered components that are efficient and technologically superior. You will work directly with an engineer who is intimately familiar with your product, industry and niche and who’s backed by a team of support professionals all prepared to meet your challenges head-on with collaborative, flexible solutions.

Talk to a Unada customer service expert today to discuss how our dedication to design and development of creative, technology-based processes can enable you to maximize your product’s capabilities, capitalize on market opportunities, and drive the strategic change your organization needs in order to prosper.

Sourcing managers all engage in a never-ending quest to maintain production schedules and contain costs through strategic purchasing and responsive supplier partners.

At Unada, we feel your pain. We believe that through collaboration, both our organizations can thrive. By sharing industry insights and working together to cement relationships with our customers not only increases our partners’ market share but also helps us build better products and anticipate customer demands. It’s a win-win for us and you. With a highly automated production process and production facilities in Thailand and Vietnam, Unada kelabor costs low and passes those savings along to our customers. That automation also enables us to quickly respond to changes in the industry. Flexible solutions and nimble production operations, along with can-do account managers and distribution professionals not only we keep costs low and quality high, it also results in the best customer service in the business.

We will find a way, whether it’s ensuring prompt delivery, expedited delivery to prevent stock outs, or fully customizable components that allow you to keep inventory costs low by limiting the number of SKU’s you keep in stock.

The prospect of working with a supplier who actually understands your pain points probably has you intrigued. But you’re not convinced, right? You have heard it all before, been barraged by sales reps offering incentives and empty promises to switch to their company.

Change is hard. We get it.

But we at Unada welcome the opportunity to prove our worth. We can demonstrate how partnering with us will increase your revenue and profits. We can show how our approach to collaboration and innovation will keep you on top of your market. We can explain how we can streamline your inventory, warehousing and distribution system to cut carrying costs while mitigating the risk of running out of stock.

With Unada as your single-source solution, you can rest assured that we will devote all the necessary resources to help you manage all your projects: Need to stage inventory near your production facilities? Shipments from our strategically placed warehousing in San Diego, CA, Huston, TX, and Virginia can reach 70 percent of the U.S. in three business days. A second facility handles cargo arriving to the West Coast. Want to track your orders in real time? With Unada as your supplier, you can access your dedicated account management team and online portal so you know exactly when your shipment will arrive.

Ready to experience how a collaborative, supportive supplier can make a difference in your company? Unada is here to help. of creative, technology-based processes can enable you to maximize your product’s capabilities, capitalize on market opportunities, and drive the strategic change your organization needs in order to prosper.

Strategy, Revenue, Growth, Expansion. As CEO, chief procurement officer, director of global supply chain, purchasing director or other business leader, partnering with Unada for integrated supply, engineering and product development services, you can direct your focus toward these big picture issues, knowing our goals are your objectives. You determine your company’s direction and destination and Unada makes sure it gets there, following the most efficient path.

With technological, customization and aftersales support Unada assists your procurement team and inventory/production planning staff in executing the tactics that will make your projects and processes successful.

You want the best products and services you can get while also keeping costs manageable. Unada offers it all: flexible payment terms, leveraged inventory positions, reasonable tool replacements costs, volume discounts. Even better, our engineering professionals possess the industry knowledge and production know-how to help you improve product design and remove production inefficiencies that can improve profits.

Your primary task is growing the business, and you know that forming strategic partnerships with key suppliers is a sure way to get there. Unada augments and synthesizes the roles of engineering, production, supply chain and distribution to create efficiencies that a global supply chain can provide.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of superior product solutions through collaborative design, development and project management?

Welcome to Unada.We’re glad you are here.