Learn how EC Motors can help those on the front lines of the health crisis

In these unprecedented times of COVID-19, we’re all trying to find ways we can assist in this worldwide effort to help those in need and stop the spread of this disease. Whether it’s supporting local businesses, sewing masks from home, reaching out to seniors in our communities, or simply staying home, we remain stronger together. As hospitals and health care centers overflow with patients, it’s vital that these environments remain safe and are supported by the essential businesses that help to keep them running.

EC Motors and their role in the COVID-19 Health Crisis

We’re finding ways that we as a business can contribute to the ongoing effort to fight this pandemic and in that realm, our EC motors play a major role. A necessary safety aspect of the healthcare industry is keeping hospital rooms, laboratories, and new patient isolation rooms safely ventilated, maintaining a constant airflow for healthcare workers and patients. Ventilation systems, given their effectiveness, can reduce the risk of exposure to airborne pathogens and can maintain the indoor air quality for proper infection control. In order to keep the constant airflow and ventilation in these rooms, it is important to have efficient HVAC systems and that those systems have reliable parts.

That’s where the EC motor comes in.

EC motors are a key component to the HVAC systems that are running in health care facilities today. Our Unada EC motors are highly efficient, can be programmed at three different speeds, provide transparency and traceability, and is user friendly with Bluetooth app pairing and data logging. Our EC motors are cost-effective and use energy-saving technology – no matter which industry or application they are used for. We’re proud to provide these reliable parts that are not only a key component for keeping the air in hospitals clean and safe, but keeping medication safely stored as well.

EC Motors and Medical Refrigerators 

Another major part of the healthcare industry is medicine and how it is stored. The healthcare industry works all 24 hours, 7 days a week, meaning the equipment used within these facilities needs to be high-performance and be able to meet the demands of the job. When it comes to fridges and freezers within hospitals, it is vital that these function properly and be held to the highest standards as they hold valuable medications, vaccines, test results, samples, and other sensitive material. Oftentimes, medicine can lose its effectiveness or potency if not kept in proper environments. Some medicine such as insulins and injections must be stored in very specific temperatures between 35.6°F and 46.4°F. The risk of damaging this type of medication is high and extremely costly if not for reliable and well-maintained refrigerators and the parts that make it. One client of ours is successfully using our EC motor in their chillers which are used in the healthcare industry. The EC motor helps the condenser and evaporation applications function correctly within these refrigeration units. Our EC motor helps keep the temperature right without compromising protection.  In a time when social distancing is of top priority, it’s important to have products and parts that are reliable, requiring little upkeep and maintenance. With our reverse on start technology, we can reduce debris build up in the condenser and clean it without needing someone to clean it manually. This increases the lifespan of the refrigerator and reduces the chance of system failure.

Another major plus of our EC motors is the decreased noise level output. With the most advanced electronic control in its class, the UC Series motor is particularly suited to applications where both noise reduction and efficiency are critical. The UC Series maintains its high efficiency and low noise characteristics across the full range of power and speed. Having equipment with low noise level pollution within hospitals allows our healthcare workers a more comfortable working environment and the people in need to get care in peace.

Here at Unada, we’re glad to be a small part of this effort in tackling COVID-19 and making sure we’re ready and available to provide parts and expertise when needed.

Stronger Together

This is a tough time for all of us as we navigate this new normal. As said by Greenheck Group, a valued client of ours, “This is an opportunity for us to care for each other, our customers, our healthcare professionals, and our country by doing all we can to contribute and stay safe…” If you or a business you know might need assistance with motors and fans, we’re here to help!
We will continue to do our part in this effort and know that together we will make it through this tough time.

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