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Learn how EC motors can help those on the frontlines of the health crisis

What we do.

As a global leader in ec motor technology, Unada is solving the world’s greatest engineering challenges. Learn more about how Unada is creating innovative products and systems to improve quality of life for all.

Business Leaders

Strategy, Revenue, Growth, Expansion. As CEO, chief procurement officer, director of global supply chain, purchasing director or other business leader, partnering with Unada for integrated supply, engineering and product development services, you can direct your focus toward these big picture issues, knowing our goals are your objectives.

Sourcing Managers

Sourcing managers all engage in a never-ending quest to maintain production schedules and contain costs through strategic purchasing and responsive supplier partners.


If you’re like many engineers, your work never ends. Not only are you managing a handful of products in various stages of design and development, one or two new “top priority” projects loom. You need help. But who can you depend on to fully understand your commitment to engineering and manufacturing excellence? Someone who knows the importance of combining old-fashioned ingenuity with the productivity-enhancing tools of technology?

Strategic Alliance

Unada’s culture of collaboration and synergy is built on forging strong relationships with our customers. By focusing on helping your business thrive, we leverage a long-lasting partnership in which Unada’s components play crucial roles in safeguarding our neighbors’ health, maximizing their productivity, and contributing to their quality of life. We both benefit.

Lead Times and Availability

Take the stress out of demand forecasting. Unada’s flexibly motor platform shortens lead times, reduces SKU’s and expedites delivery. You can meet production schedules and respond to large orders without a huge amount of inventory.

Flexible and Agile

We listen to the customer, creating user stories to improve our product development process to meet an ever-changing marketplace. This process gives us the engineering control and flexibility we need to cut development lead times and deliver the products our customers want.

Customer Empowerment

We offer open protocols and product development tools that allow you to select components and build custom solutions. You control your destiny.

Customization to the core

The most extensive and flexible platform in the industry. Our feature building blocks enables unparalleled customization at your finger tips so our customers can get the right products at the right price in the fastest time possible for every light commercial refrigeration application.

Tools that drive change

Unada gives you access to a toolbox of user resources that make it easier and faster to develop and get to market new products. You can now reduce development time from months to days.

Find your way to our products.

Fan Assemblies

Unada’s Penta Fan pack elevates our groundbreaking UC motor
series into a high-performance low profile fan assembly,
providing a turnkey solution compatible with industry-standard
6-, 7-, 8- ,9-, and 10-inch ring mount fan assemblies. Penta
Fan pack provides better pressure delivery than competing
fan-packs, with improved noise reduction and substantially lower
vibration control and current consumption. They also feature
multi-voltage capability, advanced control features and unrivaled

Features and Benefits

  • Size Range – 6 to 10-inch
  • Capacity Range – Up to 30 Watts Ouptut;
    pulse width modulation, MODBUS, and Bluetooth enabled.
  • Three programmable speeds: timed reverse; reverse on start;
    pulse width modulation, MODBUS, and Bluetooth enabled.
  • Economy fan pack assemblies also available*


Electronically Commutated Motors

Unada’s electronically commutated motors are designed to
operate at peak performance. These EC motors offer significant
advantages over the traditional shaded pole or PSC motors..

Features and Benefits

  • Capacity Range – Up to 30 Watts Output
  • Three programmable speeds: timed reverse; reverse on start;
    pulse width modulation, MODBUS, and Bluetooth enabled.


Electronically Commutated Motors

The innovative feature behind the Unada UC1 is a three-speed
EC fan motor that changes speed according to system operation
and ambient conditions. Used in evaporators and condensers in

Features and Benefits

  • Capacity Range – Up to 55 Watts Output
  • Three programmable speeds: timed reverse; reverse on start; pulse width modulation, MODBUS and Bluetooth enabled.

EC Axial Fans (UCAX)

A range of electronically commutated (EC) tube axial fan units designed with enhanced reliability, environmental friendliness and control features which result in 75 percent less power consumption than traditional AC axial fans.

Features and Benefits

  • Airflow Ability Up to 170 CFM / 0.84 Inch-H2O
  • Outstanding airflow performance with low static pressure
  • Capable of moving air in parallel to the axis and blow air in the same direction

Brushless Direct Current Motor

Unada also manufactures a range of high efficiency NEMA frame technology motors in partnership with Kulthorn Electric of Thailand. These motors are used in the refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation industries. Available in single and double shaft applications, Fully Enclosed or Open Frame. When it comes to motors, we create solutions that fit.

Features and Benefits

  • Range – 100 to 1,500 Watts
  • Wide Speed Range Control
  • The Most advance self-aligning bearing for low noise output and longer product life
  • Double shaft, sleeve bearing or ball bearing
  • Efficient and durable

What are your product development

  • Are you a engineer who has a new technological breakthrough, and want to confirm that it can be made into a product?

    Does your current system needs to meet with the most recent regulatury industry standards and you are looking make some upgades?

    Does your product have electronics, mechanical components that move, and embedded firmware that controls it?

  • Are you a technology leader who is looking for a team that can execute on the full product development effort, including concept generation, detailed design, prototyping, risk analysis, and quality engineering to end up with a full documentation package and manufactured goods?

    If none of the above fall into what you’re looking for, let’s talk about some other services we offer. From brainstorming, idea generation sessions, design reviews, troubleshooting, start-up assistance, and engineering options, we have the resources to help with your business objectives.

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